Friday, June 12, 2015

If you are not a Michigan Resident and are stopped for speeding, kindly pay the officer $100

If you drive with a drivers license from out of state--ie non-resident (or you have friends visiting you with an out of state license) there is a little known law that requires the Michigan police officer, upon stopping you for a civil infraction (i.e. speeding) to TAKE YOUR LICENSE,  or TAKE YOUR $100, or TAKE YOUR GUARANTEED APPEARANCE CERTIFICATE.

Because I don't even know what constitutes a guaranteed appearance certificate, I'm sure most of you don't know either, and probably don't have one in your car.

The Bottom Line is this:  If a non-resident is stopped, the police will take their license unless they post a $100 "bond" to ensure that the driver will show up in court in Michigan.

For those who follow the law, you can find it at MCL 257.749